The Very Reverend

Jeffery J. Broughton, Sr.

The Reverend Howard Hamilton

Pastor Viola Cornish

Bishop Albert N. Jarmon II

Bishop T. Priester

Bishop Leon J. Wilson

National Director, Five Fold Ministries

Overseer, National Director of Missions

Prophet Howard R. Hamilton was born July 27th 1977 in Chester, PA.  He is one of five sons birthed into creation unto Bishop Howard & Leona Hamilton.  Being groomed and receptive to Christianity in his early years, Prophet Hamilton accepted and embraced Christ at the age of 7 and received the gift the Holy Spirit at the age of 15.  Hamilton also began to utilize his gift of music through song-writing, playing the percussion, organ and piano at the age of 8.  Through the years of exploiting his gifts governed by the Holy Spirit, he served as the Youth Director and Youth President for United Holy Churches of America, Inc. Prophet Hamilton has also assisted in conducting musical workshops and seminars throughout ministry.  

Pastor J. Marie Lott

Bishop Samuel Dunbar

New Antioch Church, Maryland

Pastor Jordan N. Robinson

The City of Victory

Pastor Corrie N. Williams

IMPACT Kingdom Church

Freshbread Christian Center

Pastor Jeffery Broughton, Sr. has a great passion for God's Word coupled with a love for God's people. His infectious spirit of generosity is seen and felt throughout every aspect of his ministry. At the heart of his ministry with a down to earth approach Pastor

Broughton enjoys preaching and teaching the word of God, however his first ministry, is the love of his family—a trait that is most prevalent in the life that he shares with his wife; Lady Dawn Yolonda Broughton, daughter; Kailyn Imani Broughton, and son; Jeffery Julian Broughton Jr. and family.


A native Mississippian, Pastor J. Marie is a well sought after conference preacher and teacher, armed with a word of destiny for the nations. With an accurate and authentic prophetic anointing on her life, this woman of God is often called upon to speak a life-changing word in the lives of God's people.


Pastor J Marie is a multi-gifted women of God, a skilled anointed musician and palmist served faithfully as the minister of music at the parent church where her husband pastored, and out of that servant spirit in August of 2005 her husband Bishop J. Almus Lott planted her into office of pastor, thus Freshbread Christian Center became a reality.

Bishop Terrence Priester is the Senior Pastor of Light of the World Ministries International. He is a former special operations Marine assigned to counter-terrorist operations and later he began a career with an international bank as a banking executive. Bishop Priester is a born again, blood washed, Holy Spirit filled Believer committed to living and teaching the principles of the Word of a God. His call came in the form of a question from God, "What is it that you are willing to give up so that people can have more of Me?

Being a mother of four girls, Prophetess Corrie has always maintained a sensitivity for the today’s young woman. She believes, “it is our responsibility to raise young women with a sense of self-pride and esteem.” She further believes that we all have the inner strength to achieve any goal in life that you set your eyes on. There have been many challenges Prophetess Corrie has faced but has always triumphed with God in her life.